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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Anti-Semitic books at the 9th Palestinian International Book Fair (Apr.10-Apr.20, 2014)

The following photo is from the 9th Palestinian International Book Fair official Facebook page at the Dar Al Jundi for Publishing & Distribution exhibitor booth

First book (top book inside the rectangle)
- The Hidden Secrets of the Talmud in the habits and beliefs of the Jews: by Ibrahim El Dessouki Abdelrahman
Al Bayan newspaper did a lengthy review of the book in 2008

"The Talmud spreads corruption, immorality, bloodshed and destruction everywhere"

Second book
- The Talmud - Secrets...Facts - Exposing the Jewish Plots to Dominate the World: by Al Hussaini Al Hussaini Muadi

Note: This book is listed as one of the references used by columnist Vernas Hefzy in her anti-Semitic article

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