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Friday, April 25, 2014

Jews slaughtered humans in their festivals

Excerpt from an article by Egyptian columnist Ghada Abd El Moneim:

We received news of a (classified) CIA report that was leaked by the Egyptian General Intelligence, the report points to the truth of the information circulating in the Arab region about the brutality and secret rituals practiced by the Jews in their festivals such as Passover and Hanukkah, including the slaughter of non-Jews and offering human sacrifices to the God, and confirming that Jewish extremists of Palestinian origin did kill a number of children to mix their blood (for the baking) of matzos for Hanukkah every now and then, as well as confirming their killing of foreign children from African countries, Palestinian, Egyptian, Moroccan children, Egyptian prisoners of war, Palestinian prisoners to use their blood for the baking of matzos for Hanukkah (Al Talyia News: Apr.25, 2014)

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