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Friday, July 11, 2014

Cursed by God

Anti-Semitic article about "Operation Protective Edge" titled "Who were cursed by God" by author and professor in civilizations Dr.Zeinab Abdelaziz

Dr.Zeinab Abdelaziz
is a Board of Trustee member at the Bridges Foundation - whose mission is to narrow the gap of understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims through educating both sides about the culture of the other

The writer lists several attributes as reasons for being cursed by God (Arabic version) / (French version)

 "Treachery, breach of covenant with God, do not commit to treaties, distorting the scriptures, intentional murder, usury, haggling, extreme cowardice, having hearts of stone, hating non-Jews, practicing sorcery, spreading false rumors, insulting the Virgin Mary, insisting on fomenting wars, causing mischief"

"الخيانة ؛ نقضهم عهد الله ؛ عدم إلتزامهم بالعهود ؛ تحريف النصوص ؛ القتل المتعمّد لمن يهدون إلى سبيل الله ؛ الربا ؛ المساومة ؛ الجبن المفرط ؛ قلوبهم قاسية متحجرة ؛ يكرهون غير اليهودى ؛ يلجأون إلى السحر ؛ يروّجون الإشاعات الكاذبة ؛ يسبون السيدة مريم العذراء (ولم يترجعوا للآن عن هذه التهم) ؛ يصرون على إختلاق الحروب ؛ يعثون فى الأرض فسادا"

« La traitrise ; la rupture de l’Alliance ; le rejet des pactes ; la déformation des Textes ; le massacre intentionnel de ceux qui guident vers le droit chemin ; l’usure ; le marchandage ; la lâcheté extrême ; leurs cœurs endurcis ; leur haine du prochain ; leur recours à la sorcellerie ; ils répandent de fausses rumeurs ; blasphémèrent la Vierge Marie (sans jamais revenir sur ces accusations) ; insistent à fomenter des guerres ; sèment la corruption de par la terre »

The writer makes the following remark;
"God made them apes and pigs....Yes, apes and pigs, not in appearance, but they sure have the character of apes and pigs"
وجعل منهم القردة والخنازير نعم ، قردة وخنازير ، فحتى لو لم يتم ذلك شكلا ، فهم يقينا بأخلاق القردة والخنازير

Fit de parmi eux des singes et des porcs ».  Oui, des singes et des porcs, car, même s’ils ne le sont pas au physique, ils le sont sûrement de caractère

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