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Friday, March 28, 2014

Houthi second-grade Math textbook

AlMasdar Online obtained a copy of a second-grade Math textbook used by the Houthis in public schools in Sa'dah, Yemen (Mar.28, 2014)

Examples of math questions:

- In one of the battles with the Jews, the Mujahideen attacked their camp which had 360 soldiers, the Mujahideen were able to kill 106 of them and captured the rest, what is the number of prisoners ?

- American Jews trained a group of 186 Yemenis and called them "Al-Qaeda" and trained a battalion of 500 Yemeni soldiers, what is the sum ?

- A group of individuals are selling U.S. and Israeli goods worth 37,440 riyals, another group sold U.S. wheat worth 579,700 riyals, what is the amount that entered the American and Israeli pockets ?

- One of the students thought of a military plan to attack the Zionist enemy - which included the following numbers from the armies of Muslim countries;

Egypt - 545,800
Yemen - 303,600
Lebanon - 154,200
Sum of the assembled army to attack the Zionist entity = .............

- In one of the battles against the Zionist enemy, the number of Mujahideens were 20 and after a short period of time 11
Mujahideens joined them, what is the new number ?

- In one of the battles against the Zionist enemy, the Mujahideens acquired three hundred and twenty-six pieces of weapons - of the artillery type, and two hundred and three rifles, what is the sum of the spoils (of war) ?

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