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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Israel stealing German football

Excerpts from an article by columnist Charbel Karim

"Once again Israel appears like parasites that grow in German football seeking to take advantage of the effect the latter has on world public opinion, at a time in which the Zionist entity is suffering on that front"

"The Israelis using their well-known cunning method to obtain support and create "propaganda" for themselves through an attempt to portray themselves as a football nation that deals only with the big players, of course there is no better country than Germany to do this, the country is one of the best in football and it is easy to get their compassion for the Jews who are still taking advantage of what they have suffered from the Nazis during World War II"

"From here, an Israeli foundation in Germany awarded Borussia Moenchengladbach club with the "Future Prize 2014" award, considering the famous German club to use "football as a bridge of understanding" and making efforts to improve relations between Germany and Israel and their peoples"

"But it does not stop with Moenchengladbach......attempts to exploit German football from the "historical debt" perspective which claimed the lives of six million Jews of what is known as The Holocaust"

"Everybody recalls how Israel exploited the presence of the German national under-21 football team in Israel, where they hosted the European Championship to market herself again, they walked the (German) players to different areas of the occupied territories - one of the places was the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.  In addition, the German team wore blue jerseys with both flags with the following words in Hebrew "I feel we are at home" on them"

"It does not stop the Israelis to link all what is important in German football to themselves, they went as far as to claim Germany owes them for their football advancements after the war, referring to the Jewish businessman, Gustav Mannheimer, who as America's FIFA representative voted for Germany to rejoin FIFA in 1950" (Mar.12, 2014)

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