Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions against Hamas in Gaza caricature

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ISIS are Jews or pawns of Zionism

Quotes from an interview with the Syriac Orthodox bishop of Mount Lebanon and Tripoli George Saliba:

"We are convinced there exists a greater power than America, it's "Zionism",  represented in the abnormal country called Israel, it has no significance except to insult God and man who was created in the image of God" (Tayyar: Mar.4, 2015)

بات لدينا قناعة تؤكد وجود قوة اعظم من اميركا هي "الصهيونية" وهي تتمثل بالدولة المسخ المسماة باسرائيل، لأنّ لا شأن لها الاّ الإساءة لله والإنسان المخلوق على صورة الله ومثاله"

"Those terrorists destroy Sunni mosques, destroy Shia mosques, kill Christians and destroy their churches, attacked the Yazidis and took their daughters as war booty slaves, kill the Shabak people, but we did not hear of a single Jewish landmark...they are Jews and if not, then they are the pawns of Zionism, the mother of all corruption in the world"

"God willing we will witness their (ISIS) demise in the coming days as well as the country called Israel, that conspired against Jesus through the Jewish religion, killed Jesus and crucified him, and after 2000 years it was created by a British conspiracy - the Balfour Declaration - will also vanish

Noursat TV - Lebanon, Mar.3, 2015

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