Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions against Hamas in Gaza caricature

Monday, March 31, 2014

Withdrawal for refusing to face Israeli player

The Lebanese Judo Federation announced the withdrawal of Nassif Elias from the Judo Grand Prix in Turkey after he had to face an Israeli opponent in the first round of the -81kg division

The Federation described the step as "a national duty that can not be eased or given up, especially since this refusal represents the refusal of every Lebanese, the national conviction can not be replaced or changed under any circumstance or in any place" (Mar.31, 2014)

The Arab Spring is nothing but a Hebrew Spring

Former Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, said what happened in 2011 and was called the Arab Spring is nothing but a Hebrew Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood goals changed from (waging) a jihad against the Zionist occupier to killing fellow Muslims (Mar.31, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Ad Dustour, Jordan (Mar.30, 2014)

Flags: "Land Day"

Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, Ramallah (Mar.29, 2014)

Heading: "Peace Train"
Train coach: "Settlement"

Israeli plagiarized from Fares Karam

Israeli singer, Omer Adam, plagiarized Fares Karam's song "El Ghorba"

The Lebanese singer commented sarcastically "they steal our land and our country, they assault us and insist on plagiarizing our songs and heritage in a rude fashion" (Mar.31, 2014)

Yemeni taekwondo player refuses to face Israeli opponent

Yemeni taekwondo player, Basheer Saadan, withdrew from the WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships in Taipei after refusing to play against Israeli opponent (Gadi Liel Haimovits) in the -48kg division (Mar.30, 2014)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Houthi second-grade Math textbook

AlMasdar Online obtained a copy of a second-grade Math textbook used by the Houthis in public schools in Sa'dah, Yemen (Mar.28, 2014)

Examples of math questions:

- In one of the battles with the Jews, the Mujahideen attacked their camp which had 360 soldiers, the Mujahideen were able to kill 106 of them and captured the rest, what is the number of prisoners ?

- American Jews trained a group of 186 Yemenis and called them "Al-Qaeda" and trained a battalion of 500 Yemeni soldiers, what is the sum ?

- A group of individuals are selling U.S. and Israeli goods worth 37,440 riyals, another group sold U.S. wheat worth 579,700 riyals, what is the amount that entered the American and Israeli pockets ?

- One of the students thought of a military plan to attack the Zionist enemy - which included the following numbers from the armies of Muslim countries;

Egypt - 545,800
Yemen - 303,600
Lebanon - 154,200
Sum of the assembled army to attack the Zionist entity = .............

- In one of the battles against the Zionist enemy, the number of Mujahideens were 20 and after a short period of time 11
Mujahideens joined them, what is the new number ?

- In one of the battles against the Zionist enemy, the Mujahideens acquired three hundred and twenty-six pieces of weapons - of the artillery type, and two hundred and three rifles, what is the sum of the spoils (of war) ?

British band cancels concert in Israel

Another news story on the Rolling Stones canceling their concert in Israel (Mar.28, 2014)

Abu Dhabi-based news outlet Erem News

Egyptian newspaper El Fagr

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Arab Al-Yawm, Jordan (Mar.27, 2014)

Azzaman, Iraq (Mar.27, 2014)

Al Bayan, United Arab Emirates (Mar.27, 2014)

Video..."Mozah" Israeli spy in the Qatari palace

Egyptian TV presenter and owner of the satellite channel Al Fara'een, Tawfiq Okasha, wants to know the truth behind the rumor surrounding Sheikha Mozah, mother of the current Emir of Qatar, being an Israeli spy who was planted in the Qatari palace after getting rid of the real Princess when she underwent plastic surgery in Israel

Rumor has it that the existing Sheikha Mozah is in fact a Jewish-American officer for the the U.S. Secret Service (video) (Mar.27, 2014)

Video....Egyptian women screaming after the flag of Israel is hoisted

Video clip is showing Egyptian women in neighboring buildings to the Israeli embassy screaming and weeping bitterly after the flag of Israel is hoisted in Cairo (for the very first time on February 1980)

The video shows the women moving away from the windows for their inability to stand by and witness the moment the flag of the enemy is hoisted on Egyptian land

The video was published on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty (Mar.26, 2014)

The Rolling Stones boycott Israel

Egypt's Al Bawabh News: "The Rolling Stones decided to cancel their concert slated for June 4 at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv which expected to attract more than 55 thousand fans" (Mar.26, 2014)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Theives of land and heritage....the first marathon was Greek not Israeli

The following are excerpts from an article by columnist, Yasmeen Gamry, in response to a Haaretz article titled "The first marathon runner wasn't Greek, he was Jewish"

"To find an entity like Israel taking credit for setting up the first "athletic marathon" and introducing the first runner is considered a crime against the Greek civilization"

"Dr. Gamal El-Shazly, Professor of Hebrew and Director of the Center for Oriental Studies -Cairo University, denounced what was published by Haaretz, saying "these lies and allegations have no basis in truth, throughout history, Israel tries to imitate others and take credit by convincing themselves that they are God's chosen people, whereas they do not offer any creative work that is mentioned in history"

"History documents the intellectual and cultural thefts that Israel has taken credit the past they imitated the ancient Near East literature, in the Middle Ages they imitated the Arab-Islamic literature of Al-Andalus, and currently they are imitating the Western cultures, they always imitate powerful civilizations and attribute the achievements to themselves" (Mar.26, 2014)

Link to Haaretz article here

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Ayyam, Ramallah (Mar.26, 2014)

Heading: "Netanyahu's secret"

Ad Dustour, Jordan (Mar.23, 2014)

Postponement of lawsuit demanding a ban on Israeli activities in Egypt

Cairo court for urgent matters postponed the hearing of a lawsuit demanding a ban on all activities related to Israel in Egypt, including the closure of the embassy and labeling it a terrorist organization to April 9

The lawsuit filed by lawyer, Hamid Seddik, demanded a ban on all activities related to Israel inside the Egyptian territories because history proves the Israelites never had a fixed homeland or a permanent shelter, they are travelers who settle down where they happen to be

Throughout history there was never a land called Israel (Mar.26, 2014)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Death penalty is the answer

Columnist, Tamer Abu Arab, writes in Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm about the lessons to be learned from implementing capital punishment on your opponents and enemies in the wake of the Egyptian court ruling that sentenced 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death

"Then came the time for the "Final Solution", a term used for the first time by Adolf Eichmann, who oversaw the Holocaust, the path to encourage the Jews to emigrate from Germany was replaced by forced exclusion and it rapidly developed into the execution of (tens or hundreds or thousands) of Jews who were burned.
There is a big controversy surrounding the number of victims

By the way .. Adolf Eichmann was tried and executed by an Israeli court in June 1962 [sic]

Many condoned the burning of Jews, many condemned and many denied, but it is certain that the Holocaust harmed Hitler more than it harmed the Jews, while they lost tens or several hundred or several thousand, they gained millions who supported their demand to establish a national homeland to protect them from persecution

Third Lesson: To live alongside the one you hate is better than to die together

Last Lesson: The Jews did not perish and will not perish, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq did not perish and will not perish, the Kurds did not perish and will not perish, the Muslim Brotherhood did not perish and will not perish because the wombs of women are more than the gallows" (Mar.25, 2014)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Ahram Al Gadid, Canada (Mar.24, 2014)

Rectangle: "Your eminence General Murshid (Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide) of the international organization"

 Al Madina, Saudi Arabia (Mar.24, 2014)

Heading: "(Israel) intends to build new settlements in the West Bank"
 House in the shape of a rocket: "New settlements"

Felesteen, Gaza (Mar.21, 2014)

Noose: "Spells Egypt in Arabic"
Woman: "Gaza"

Al Watan, Oman (Mar.21, 2014)

Man in frying pan: "Syria"
Hand: "International community"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Houthi fighter to soldier: "We are coming to cleanse Amran from the Jews of Dammaj and al-Qushaibi"

Yemeni lawyer, Amin al-Rubaie, recounted a conversion that took place between a soldier and a Houthi fighter at a checkpoint in the city of Amran;

The soldier said to the Houthi fighter "We are brothers and we have orders to prevent the entry of weapons, you (have to) communicate with the command center, they give us the orders and we will allow you to enter"

Houthi fighter replied "We are a peaceful demonstration and have our personal weapons, we want to cleanse Amran from the Jews of Dammaj and (Brigade commander Major General Hamid) al-Qushaibi, why are you ready to sacrifice your heads for the Jews" (Mar.23, 2014)

Other Sources:
News Yemen
Almashhad Al Yemeni
Hour News

Ali Abdullah Saleh warns against the Arab Spring project born out of the Zionist kitchen

Former President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, posted on his Facebook page;

"This is the Arab Spring project born out of the Zionist kitchen, with the blessing of foreign powers which run after their interests to strengthen their influence, the Spring which educates third world countries on democracy and civil society only seeks to destroy and divide the people" (Mar.23, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Okaz, Saudi Arabia (Mar.23, 2014)

Al Madina, Saudi Arabia (Mar.23, 2014)

Man: "Assad's forces"
Houses: "Israel, Golan Heights"

Asharq Al-Awsat, United Kingdom (Mar.15, 2014)

Head: "Netanyahu"
Road Sign: "Road to peace"

"Capital City of Heaven" musical reveals the lies of the Jews

Amman-based Ahfad Theatre finished the rehearsal for the musical "Capital City of Heaven" by director Kashef Samih

The theme of the musical is to refute the lie that Jews have a divine right to Palestine (Mar.23, 2014)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pro-Morsi supporters burn the Zionist flag in a anti-coup rally

The Anti-Coup and Pro-Democracy Alliance organized a rally on Mother's Day in the Mohandessin neighborhood

Demonstrators burned the flag of the Zionist entity and chanted "We keep repeating it generation after generation, we oppose you O Israel......down, down with the military rule, we are not paying hydro nor electricity O government clown" (Mar.21, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Albawabah News, Egypt (Mar.21, 2014)

Man: Egyptian satirist Basssem Youssef who recently plagiarized an article by British journalist Ben Judah

Al Raya, Qatar (Mar.20, 2014)

Egyptian Jews......Zionists trying to steal our history (Update with Ada's response)

Excerpts from an article by columnist Ibrahim Gamal on Egyptian-born Israeli writer, Ada Aharoni;

Ada Aharoni's first novel titled "Second Exodus from Egypt" attempts to promote the notion that Jews were expelled from Egypt, she previously mentioned their exodus was of their own volition in response to the request by the Zionist movement.....this proves the Jews were not expelled from Egypt as they claim

Ada mentions in her novel that her grandparents were the ones who constructed the pyramids, those lies the Jews are keen on repeating to steal the history of the pyramids and claim it as their own

Ada Aharoni, recently issued a 408-page book titled "The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt – Uprooting and Revival in Israel", containing 73 stories on the Jews from Egypt, the writer is attempting to promote the term "Second Jewish Exodus from Egypt" as well as the role of displaced Egyptian-Jews in supporting Israel

Through my reading of the work of Ada Aharoni, we find her attempting to create a historical event from her fabricated "Second Exodus from Egypt" term and equate it with the "Nazi events" term "in order to tell the German-Jews - if you were persecuted in Germany, we were persecuted and expelled from Egypt" despite the fact Hitler did not only persecute the Jews, but he persecuted all minorities in Germany

We find all those attempts by the writer to have one goal - achieve equality between "Sephardic Jews" and "Ashkenazi Jews" so the Arab Jews can obtain the same privileges as the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel (Mar.21, 2014)

Ada Aharoni's response:


You continuously asked for my books, and said you are writing an appreciative book about me and my works, in Arabic, which would be published in Egypt. You promised that your book will be in
the positive spirit of the book that Prof. M. Fawzi Daif (of Cairo University),wrote about me and my books in 2005 entitled:
"The meaning of peace in the Poetry of Ada Aharoni." 


The last book I sent you, after you requested it so many times, about my 5 years research on the Jews from Egypt, has been very well received in Israel and all over the world. it shows that the Palestinians should do like the Jews of Egypt who also lost everything, and started their lives anew.I have been widely interviewed about it on TV, Kol Yisrael, journals and newspapers, all over the world. 

If this is your dishonest attitude about my works, I do not ALLOW YOU TO PUBLISH a book about them.
Thanks for the warning!

In great disappointment and dismay,
Prof. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founding President

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Israeli plagiarism of songs by Arab artists

Instead of thinking, putting effort and creating, there is an easier way, plagiarizing a successful work.
Here is a list of Arab artists who had their songs plagiarized and most of the "thieves" are from Israel (Mar.20, 2014)

Wael Kfoury:
Zionist singer, Eyal Golan, plagiarized Wale Kfoury's song "Safha W Tawita" and renamed it "Shadows of the Image" and listed Ofir Cohen as the composer

Om Kalthoum:
Jewish singer
called, Zehava Ben, stole the following Om Kalthoum songs "Enta Omri", "El Hob Koloh" and "Amal Hayati" made them into Hebrew and claimed the songs as her own

Abdel Halim Hafez:
Israeli singer, Shlomi Saranga, stole "Abu Oyoon Gareeah" rewrote it in Hebrew and claimed as his own

Walid Tawfik:
Israeli singer, Doron Miran, plagiarized the music for the song "Enzel Ya Gameel" and sang it in Hebrew using his name

Russian-Jewish singer, Sarit Hadad, plagiarized Elissa's song "Aa Bali Habibi"

Ragheb Alama:
Israeli girl band (Haim) made up of three sisters plagiarized "Saharouny El Leil" and replaced the Arabic lyrics with Hebrew

Amr Diab:
Israeli singer, Zehava Ben, took credit for "Awedony"

Israel has an interest in keeping Russia away from Egypt

Dr. Mohammed Farag, expert on Russian affairs, made the following comments:

Israel was able to ignite the Ukrainian scene by inciting the Ukrainian opposition against former president, Jelena Yanukovych [sic] (Viktor Yanukovych) to overthrow him, who is known for having good relations with the Russians, by taking advantage of the large Jewish presence in the Ukraine which is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands

There is a US-Israeli desire to limit Russia's influence by keeping her away from the Middle East political scene, especially from Egypt and limiting her to exporting oil and timber products instead of powerful modern weapons (Mar.19, 2014)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Israel behind Crimea crisis to keep Russia away from the Middle East

Egyptian military expert, Major General Hamdy Bakheet, pointed out Israeli intelligence might be behind the crisis in the Crimean Peninsula to hinder the establishment of good relations with Middle East countries, particularly Egypt and Syria, indicating that Russia succeeded in establishing good relations with many Middle East countries during the recent period which is a concern to Israel and the U.S. (Mar.19, 2014)

I feel affection towards all cartoonists except the Jews

Gomaa Farhat, editorial cartoonist for Egypt's Al Ahram, "I find affection between myself and any cartoonist in the world, with the exception of Israeli cartoonists because I do not accept them - despite having sat down with them, I did not feel any affection towards them" (Mar.19, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Madina, Saudi Arabia (Mar.19, 2014)

Heading: "Direction to extend peace negotiations"
Man on bike: "One more round"

Al Watan, Saudi Arabia (Mar.19, 2014)
Heading: "Risk taking for the sake of peace"

Al Watan, Qatar (Mar.18, 2014)

Students belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood raise Al Qaeda flag (video)

Cairo University students belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood raising Al Qaeda flag and preparing to burn the flag of Israel and the U.S. (Mar.19, 2014)

Bassem Youssef's plagiarized article proves he is a Freemason

Excerpts from a Facebook post by Sameh Abou Arayes, President of the Arab Society of Technical Analysts:

The article published by Bassem Youssef in El Shorouk newspaper proves he is a member of Freemasonry and the CIA, the article was plagiarized from British Jewish journalist, Ben Judah, the article shows hostility towards Russia in favor of the U.S. and the Zionist project, the article tries to portray Putin as a corrupt (president) and claims chaos and poverty has risen under his rule and the entire Crimea crisis is an attempt to win back his popularity, claiming Ukrainian president Yanukovych to be a dictator and that people revolted against him for the sake of freedom and democracy (same false Zionist slogans to justify their revolutions)

The true reason behind the Zionists hate for Russia is Putin going after the Jewish Zionist businessmen, most notably, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky and Mikhaylovich who were controlling the economy, media and funding political parties in Russia
It appears the return of Russia as a superpower and not following the Zionists is bothering Masonic Zionists like Bassem Youssef and the article's original British Jewish writer, Ben Judah (Mar.19, 2014)

Qatar a "thug" in the region under American-Israeli sponsorship

Dr. Mohsen Shalaby, leader of the National Revolution Party stated;  

"Qatar is an American-Israeli tool to implement a policy of creating chaos in the Arab region by drowning some individuals and groups that are deviant and thirsty for wealth in money to play a dirty role in our Arab region, specifically Egypt. Qatar tries to become a "thug" in the region under American-Israeli sponsorship"

"This policy is an Israeli policy known to the racist Jews who seized Palestinian land by (using) money at times and by terror and bullying at other times"

"Egypt is not the only (country) that realized the Israeli-American role played by Qatar, the entire region realized the role and the positions of Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are good examples of this" (Mar.19, 2014) 

Bassem Youssef a Zionist who plagiarized an article from another Zionist

Egyptian singer and composer, Amr Mostafa, wrote on his Facebook page; Bassem Youssef is a Zionist who plagiarized an article from another Zionist (British journalist Ben Judah) (Mar.19, 2014)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood a Zionist group

Egyptian columnist, Mohamed Makhlouf, said Israel and America seek to control the Arab world and establish a new Middle East with the help of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, stressing that the Muslim Brotherhood is a Zionist group and has nothing to do with Islam

Makhlouf indicated Israeli historian, Michael Wolffsohn, mentioned how Israel is pressuring the King of Jordan, Abdullah ibn al-Hussein, into giving the Brotherhood more powers to rule and making him an honorary king (Mar.18, 2014)

I call on the Muslim world to visit Al Aqsa and fight the Judaization of it

Dr. Amnah Naseer, Professor of Religion and Philosophy and former Dean at Al Azhar University - College of Humanities, called on the Arab and Muslim world to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque and set foot in the mosque area, instead of leaving the entire area for the Jews to set their feet in - which is what some filthy Jewish ladies did today

If we do not have the strength to storm the mosque with weapons and remove the Jewish occupiers, then the very least we can do is to be always present in huge numbers and remind them will still exist and the mosque belongs to the Muslim world and not to the Jews (Mar.18, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Khaleej, United Arab Emirates (Mar.18, 2014)

Octopus arm: "Settlement"

Al Khaleej, United Arab Emirates (Mar.17, 2014)

Al Jarida, Kuwait (Mar.17, 2014)


Muslim Brotherhood struck a deal with Israel to destroy the Egyptian army

Medhat Naguib, head of Al Ahrar party, said what is happening in Egypt is an Israeli plot to destroy the Egyptian army, the plan was laid out thirty years ago in agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood  (Mar.17, 2014)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Ra'i, Jordan (Mar.17, 2014)

Al Watan, Qatar (Mar.15, 2014)

Al Ittihad, United Arab Emirates (Mar.14, 2014)

Arrow: "Two-state solution"