Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions against Hamas in Gaza caricature

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jewish control using a magic spell

Egyptian conspiracy theorist, Sameh Abou Arayes, believes the recent unrest in Egypt is connected to a "magic spell" uttered by actor Khaled El-Sawy in the movie "The Blue Elephant"

The spell contains ancient Babylonian and Hebrew words, putting many who hear it under the control of the Jews and using them against the state (Sawt Cairo: Jan.26, 2015)

"Magic Spell" (From 2:28:07 to 2:28:37)

False accusations against the Jewish community in Italy

Egyptian journalist and television host, Ahmed El-Moslemani, indicated on his TV show that the President of the Jewish community in Italy said the community does not want Egyptian professional footballer, Mohamed Salah, to play for A.S. Roma because he refused to shake hands with Maccabi Tel Aviv players (Al-Jazirah: Jan. 26, 2015)

أكد مسلماني في برنامجه صوت القاهرة أن "رئيس الطائفة اليهودية في إيطاليا قال: مش عاوزين نادي روما يتعاقد مع اللاعب المصري العالمي محمد صلاح، لأنه لم يصافح في لقاء بين بازل ومكابي تل أبيب اللاعبين اليهود".

El-Moslemani has falsely attributed a tweet by the President of Maccabi Italy to the President of the Jewish community in Italy

According to the following article, the spokesman for the Jewish community of Rome, Fabio Perugia, stated the community does not interfere with A.S. Roma's player selection process