Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions against Hamas in Gaza caricature

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

David Ben-Gurion thanked the Muslim Brotherhood for driving the Jews out of Egypt

Egyptian novelist: "In 1949, the Muslim Brotherhood started fires in Jewish areas and their shops and Ben-Gurion at that time thanked the Muslim Brotherhood for driving the Jews (of Egypt) to seek asylum in Palestine" (Apr.29, 2014)

Youtube Channel: Youm 7
(From 0:24 to 0:35)

Anti-Semitic titles at the 39th Islamic Book Fair

Some of the Anti-Semitic titles that are available at the 39th Islamic Book Fair in Kuwait (April 23, 2014 - May 3, 2014)

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


- The Jewish Approach to Forge History
- The Psychological Analysis of the Jewish Personality
- The Jews, An Evil Convoy in the History


- Freemasonry Secrets of the Zionist Conspiracy
- Zionism and it's Dangers on Humanity

Mein Kampf

Fear of an Israeli stamp on passport

Turkish actress Beren Saat refuses to enter Ramallah through Israel to attend the Palestinian Fashion Week as a special guest of honor, the event organizer said "Beren Saat refused to come through Israel, I don't know specifically why, I believe it's a security fear or because she is from a Muslim country and (there) might be the fear of an Israeli stamp on her passport, so she decided to come through Jordan and then to Ramallah" (El Shorouk News: Apr.30, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Ad Dustour, Jordan (Apr.30, 2014)

Al Bayan, United Arab Emirates (Apr.30, 2014)

Paper: "The Palestinian reconciliation"

Al Arab, United Kingdom (Apr.28, 2014)

Tree trunk: "The Palestinian reconciliation"

Israel is an anomaly in geography and history

Leader of the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Tareq Al-Suwaidan tweeted: "The state of Israel is an anomaly in geography and history" (Apr.27, 2014)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fabricated headlines - "CNN: Israeli company steals an Egyptian invention to extract water from air"

Here are the headlines and articles from three popular Egyptian newspapers; Youm 7, Al Dostour and El Fagr covering the CNN Arabia story on Water-Gen, this is in reference to the claim made by Dr. Hany El-Nazer that the idea is an Egyptian invention  (Apr.28, 2014)

Youm 7

Al Dostour

El Fagr

CNN Arabia (No mention of an Egyptian invention)

Recognizing the Holocaust is more dangerous than recognizing Israel as a Jewish state

Excerpts from an article by Jordanian columnist and political activist Ibrahim Alloush:

1) The Nazi policy towards the Jews in Europe, or the "Final Solution" as they call it, was to deport the Jews from Europe and not to kill them

2) There were no six million Jews under the German rule in World War II

3) So far there is no evidence or blueprint, whether old or new illustrating the method used to construct the alleged gas chambers

So what happened to the Jews in World War II ? The Jews died like others from hunger, disease and bombing, etc.......a couple of hundreds of thousands died that way among the 55 million who died in World War II

For accepting the lie means accepting the right of the Jewish Zionists to "safety and security" (El Badil: Apr.29, 2014)

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Israelites behind founder of Muslim Brotherhood, the split in Islam and Christianity

Egyptian TV presenter Tawfiq Okasha: The origins of Hassan al-Banna, founder of Muslim Brotherhood go back to the Israelites who planted him inside the Egyptian society (El Fagr: Apr. 29, 2014)

"(The Israelites) planted Abdallah ibn Salul in the heart of Muhammad's companions...... in the same manner how the family of Hassan al-Banna was planted in Ismailia (Egypt)...... the thought process of the Israelites does not change, but the places and time can change, Abdallah ibn Salul played a very big role which resulted in the split of Islam between the Sunni and Shiite....and that was the plot laid down by the Israelite priests (Kohen), just like they laid down the plot to split Christianity into Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism, with one of the denominations beginning approximately in the fifteenth century- about 1500 years from the message of Jesus.
It began through Martin Luther in Germany - the priest Martin Luther, when we look at Martin Luther's background, we find that his origins trace back to the Israelites.......we find the Israelites were the ones who backed and funded the spread of this denomination" (Apr.28, 2014)

TV channel: Al Fara'een Egypt
(From 33:05 to 36:20)

Israel stole an Egyptian invention to extract drinking water from air

Dr. Hany El-Nazer, former President of the National Research Center posted on his Facebook page that an Israeli company stole the idea of extracting drinking water from air from a group of Egyptian researchers (El Fagr: Apr.28, 2014)

Trial of the century: Egyptian Revolution of 2011.....a Zionist plot

Defense lawyers for Ahmed Ramzy, former deputy interior minister for the central security sector argued that the First Zionist Congress in 1997 [sic] called by Herzl planned the events of January 2011 (January 25 Revolution) to establish a Greater Israel (Vetogate: Apr.27, 2014)

TV channel: Balad TV Egypt
(From 1:14:50 to 1:15:15)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Judaism is a violent and extreme religion

Author and member of the National Council for Women in Egypt, Amnah Naseer, said during a book signing event that Judaism is a violent and extreme religion and Jesus was a slap in the face of the Jews by God, nevertheless, they did not draw upon it and did not comprehend the matter  (Vetogate: Apr.27, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Arab Al Yawm, Jordan (Apr.27, 2014)

Al Watan, Qatar (Apr.26, 2014)

Paper bag: "Settlement"

Al Araby Al Gadid, United Kingdom (Apr.26, 2014)

Rocket: "Palestinian reconciliation"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Jews use works of art to distort history

Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowment Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa said at a press conference that the Jews use works of art to distort history (Shorouk News: Apr.26, 2014)

Only three Jewish families remain in Amran Governorate

A report focusing on the dwindling number of Jews in Yemen after their displacement by the Houthis insurgent group amid the growing hostility towards them (Sky News Arabia: Apr.26, 2014)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Jews slaughtered humans in their festivals

Excerpt from an article by Egyptian columnist Ghada Abd El Moneim:

We received news of a (classified) CIA report that was leaked by the Egyptian General Intelligence, the report points to the truth of the information circulating in the Arab region about the brutality and secret rituals practiced by the Jews in their festivals such as Passover and Hanukkah, including the slaughter of non-Jews and offering human sacrifices to the God, and confirming that Jewish extremists of Palestinian origin did kill a number of children to mix their blood (for the baking) of matzos for Hanukkah every now and then, as well as confirming their killing of foreign children from African countries, Palestinian, Egyptian, Moroccan children, Egyptian prisoners of war, Palestinian prisoners to use their blood for the baking of matzos for Hanukkah (Al Talyia News: Apr.25, 2014)

The Star of David is a Muslim symbol

Egyptologist Bassam El Shammaa said the Star of David is a Muslim symbol that the Zionists stole and made it their own, he said the symbol can be found in Al-Gundi citadel in Sinai which was erected by Saladin, on the Ottoman army flag, in India, in Morocco and carved on the wooden pulpit of El-Mursi Abul Abbas (mosque) in Alexandria (Sada El Balad: Apr.25, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Watan, Qatar (Apr.25, 2014)

Left hand: "Hamas"
Right hand: "Fatah"

Ad Dustour, Jordan (Apr.25, 2014)

Heading: "Palestinian reconciliation"

Al Ahram Weekly, Egypt (Apr.16, 2014)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Both Nazism and Zionism are racist / Freemasonry is Jewish dominance

Expert on Arab and Israeli affairs, Dr. Salah Abdallah: "Nazism is based on the idea of an advanced (superior) German race - the Aryan race and Zionism is based on God's Chosen People - the race which God chose, both are racist" (Apr.18, 2014)

TV channel: Egyptian State Broadcasting, Channel 2
(From 8:41 to 8:55)

Islamic thinker, Mohammed El-Sadat said the aim of Freemasonry is to exalt the Jewish nation and their law over the rest of the nations and to control the whole world (Feb.21, 2014)

TV channel: Egyptian State Broadcasting, Channel 2
(From 5:53 to 6:05)

Mohammed El-Sadat: "every Israeli must be a Freemason but not every Freemason is an Israeli" (Feb.21, 2014)

(From 17:24 to 17:32)

Obama appeared before the Knesset

Egyptian columnist Farida el-Shoubashi said Obama is the first U.S. president to stand before the Knesset (Plenum) declaring united Jerusalem to be the eternal capital of not just Israel but the Jewish state - which is 20,000 times worse (Apr.24, 2014)

TV channel: Balad TV Egypt
(From 4:43 to 5:15)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"The alleged" Holocaust

Referring to Haaretz article that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to publish a special Holocaust Memorial Day message to the Jewish people next week

Egyptian newspaper Youm7 published the story and used the term "the alleged" in reference to the Holocaust (Youm7: Apr.22, 2014)

Popular Egyptian online portal Vetogate also used the term "the alleged" (Vetogate: Apr.22, 2014)

The Holocaust death toll did not exceed 1 million

Columnist Essam Shawar emphasizes that the total Holocaust death toll did not exceed one million victims (Felesteen: Apr.21, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al Ra'i, Jordan (Apr.22, 2014)

Heading: "Booby-trapping the peace !"

Al Khaleej, United Arab Emirates (Apr.22, 2014)

Al Bawabh News, Egypt (Apr.19, 2014)

Heading: "Crying on the ruins"
Tombstone: "Muslim Brotherhood"

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Jews took Sham el-Nessim from the Pharaohs and made it their festival

Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Amer:

"The Jews chose that day to leave Egypt so as not to be noticed by the Egyptians during their escape, carrying with them gold and wealth that they looted from the Egyptians, while the (Egyptians) were preoccupied with celebrating their festival" (Vetogate: Apr.21, 2014)

Wish to see Ayman al-Zawahiri wage a jihad against Israel

Egyptian television presenter Rola Kharsa:

"we wish to see Ayman al-Zawahiri wage a jihad against Israel and liberate Jerusalem, I wish (you could), I will be the first one to go with you, we wish to see Jerusalem return back to the Arabs" (Apr.20, 2014)

TV channel: Balad TV Egypt
(From 2:10 to 2:26)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood are expelled like the Jews

Egyptian television presenter Rola Kharsa;

"just as Qatar under pressure from the Gulf Cooperation Council backed off from supporting the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and expelled them today to Tunisia, in fact, the way they were expelled today resembles the expulsion of the Jews from one place to another and migration from one place to another - exiles and diaspora, I wonder not only the Muslim Brotherhood resemble the Jews in this, but do they (resemble the Jews) in other things as well ?" (Apr.19, 2014)

TV channel: Balad TV Egypt
(From 10:48 to 11:15)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Anti-Semitic books at the 9th Palestinian International Book Fair (Apr.10-Apr.20, 2014)

The following photo is from the 9th Palestinian International Book Fair official Facebook page at the Dar Al Jundi for Publishing & Distribution exhibitor booth

First book (top book inside the rectangle)
- The Hidden Secrets of the Talmud in the habits and beliefs of the Jews: by Ibrahim El Dessouki Abdelrahman
Al Bayan newspaper did a lengthy review of the book in 2008

"The Talmud spreads corruption, immorality, bloodshed and destruction everywhere"

Second book
- The Talmud - Secrets...Facts - Exposing the Jewish Plots to Dominate the World: by Al Hussaini Al Hussaini Muadi

Note: This book is listed as one of the references used by columnist Vernas Hefzy in her anti-Semitic article

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Jews no longer have a place in Egypt

Dr. Abdel Halim Nur El Din, former Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities

We do not deny the existence of Jews in Egypt, for synagogues and properties like Omar Effendi (department store) belonged to the Egyptian Jews, but they no longer have right to them once they migrated to Israel after the 1948 war, they no longer have a place in Egypt and have been compensated for their properties and they sold many of them (Wady Masr: Apr.18, 2014)

"Tom and Jerry" an Israeli plot ?

Dr. Ashraf Farag, Dean of Faculty of Arts - Alexandria University in Egypt, pointed that the overtones in the children's cartoon "Tom and Jerry" represent Israel and the Arabs - to plant in the minds of the youth that the large Arab world is unable to defeat the tiny Israel (Al-Masry Al-Youm: Apr.18, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Makkah newspaper, Saudi Arabia (Apr.18, 2014)

Bucket: "Settlement"

Al Ittihad, United Arab Emirates (Apr.18, 2014)

Tishreen News, Syria (Apr.14, 2014)

Doctor: "My condolences"
Dead person: "Peace process"

Muslim Brotherhood like the Jews of Khaybar

Ahmed Abousereea, founder of the "Abdel Nasser" organization which was established to reject the Camp David Accords and who served 26 years in jail for hijacking a domestic flight

"The Muslim Brotherhood are like the Jews of Khaybar, if one of them wants something from you, he will become your friend and if he doesn't then he will not even greet you" (Shorouk News: Apr.18, 2014)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tajamo considered the killing of Baruch Mizrahi a heroic act

Lebanon-based Assembly of Muslim Scholars (Tajamo) stated that the killing of Israeli Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was a heroic act (El Nashra: Apr.17, 2014)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014