Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions against Hamas in Gaza caricature

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Europe stands with the Jews and Zionism

The Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon, George Saliba, frustrated with Europe's stance on the plight of the Christians in Iraq and Syria (Al-Rai: Jul 31, 2014)

"Europe hates the Christians and (Europe) is with the Jews and Zionism"

«اوروبا تكره المسيحيين وهي مع اليهود والصهيونية»

Saliba said. “We used to live and coexist with Muslims, but then they revealed their canines [teeth].“They are the enemies of Christ and they do not differ from the Jews in terms of treating Christians.”

كنا نعيش ونتعايش مع المسلمين ولكن هناك من كشر أنيابه وهم أعداء المسيح ولا يختلفون عن اليهود في التعامل مع المسيحيين»

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Toy gun to fight the Jews

Toy guns and rifles among top selling toys in Algeria as Muslims prepare for Eid al-Fitr festival (Chorouk: Jul 26, 2014)

A 45-year-old parent said my son wants a toy machine gun because "he wants to fight the Jews with it"

حيث قال كهل في 45 سنة كان رفقة ابنه، إن هذا الأخير يريد لعبة الرشاش لأنه "يريد أن يحارب بها اليهود"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Ittihad, United Arab Emirates (Jul 26, 2014)

Al-Watan, Qatar (Jul 26, 2014)

Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia (Jul 23, 2014)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Jews are to blame

Columnist Mohamed Gabri writes an article on the the long history of expulsions that Jews faced (Medina, England, Sicily, the Holocaust, Egypt under the rule of President Gamal Abdel Nasser) and attributes it to their "lack of commitment to treaties and betrayal of trust" (Tahrir News: Jul 26, 2014)

تاريخٌ طويل من الطرد والتشريد بسبب عدم التزامهم بالاتفاقات وخيانتهم للأمانة

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Turn Jewish women into slaves

"The Imam of a popular mosque in the Ouda district of Ta'if called on God to turn Jewish women in Israel into slaves to be sold in our markets" (Makkah Online: Jul 24, 2014)

دعا إمام أحد الجوامع الشهيرة في حي عودة بالطائف أن يجعل الله عز وجل نساء اليهود في إسرائيل سبايا يبعن في أسواقنا

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jordanian presenter burns Israeli flag live on air

Jordanian TV presenter Zuhair Al-Azza burns and spits on Israeli flag live on air (El-Fagr: Jul 23, 2014)

TV Channel: 7Stars TV Jordan (Jul 22, 2014)

Cell phone number "6092065" goes for $10,000

Cell phone number "6092065" which Hamas claims is the Israeli military ID number of alleged captured soldier Oron Shaul was sold for $10,000 at a charity auction in Mauritania (Masr Al-Arabia: Jul 23, 2014)

Viral Tweet ?

Controversial TV presenter Amany El Khayat tweeted that Al-Jazeera TV is a Jewish channel (Al-Bawabh News: Jul 22, 2014)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Jewish" belly dancer responsible for earthquakes

Conspiracy theorist Sameh Abou Arayes thinks there might be a connection between a series of earthquakes that struck Egypt recently and a song released about three months ago by Egyptian-Armenian belly dancer Safinaz called "Earthquake"

Abou Arayes accuses Safinaz of being "Jewish and working with the Freemasons" (Al-Bawabh News: Jul 23, 2014)

أنا قلتلكم من زمان إن الراقصة صافيناز يهودية وشغالة مع الماسونيين

Quota for Christians and Muslims

Egyptian TV personality Tawfiq Okasha

One of the reasons the "Israelites" ignited World Wars I and II was to reduce the number of followers from other religions so as not to widen the gap between the adherents of the three (Abrahamic) religions (Jul 21, 2014)

TV Channel: Al Fara'een TV Egypt

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Yaum, Saudi Arabia (Jul 22, 2014)

Headline: "The U.S. prepares a new recipe for peace"
Benjamin Netanyahu: "The meat is on us"
Bowl: "Gaza"

Al-Watan, Qatar (Jul 22, 2014)

Al-Khaleej, United Arab Emirates (Jul 20, 2014)

Iraq refuses to play against Israel

Iraq refused to play against Israel and withdrew from the 2014 Fencing World Championships in Kazan, Russia (Al-Sharq: Jul 22, 2014)

Al-Jazeera TV a Jewish conspiracy

Egyptian politician Mohamed Abu Hamed tweeted that Al-Jazeera is nothing more than a Jewish channel, supervised and planned by the Jews to poison the Arab consciousness and serve the interests of Israel (Sada El-Balad: Jul 22, 2014)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Behind the world's problems

Another anti-Semitic article by Jordanian columnist Jamal al-Shawahin in which he writes that Jews are behind all the world's problems, discord and suffering....yet the world is silent in fear of their reprisal (Assabeel: Jul 21, 2014)

العالم يعرف ان اليهود سبب كل مشاكل الارض واصحاب الفتنة فيها وان كل ما تعانيه الدول لا بد وان يكون من صنعهم، وجراء الخوف يصمت العالم عن كل قذاراتهم خشية التعرض للانتقام

An "educational" article

Apparently the Land Rover dealer in Kuwait does not see anything anti-Semitic about an article titled "Freemasonry...created by the Elders of Zion to fulfill the purpose of the Talmud and their Protocols" that considers it a "secret destructive terrorist Jewish society which aims to ensure Jewish domination over the world, it calls for atheism, pornography and corruption under the guise of deceptive slogans like (freedom, brotherhood, equality and humanity)"

منظمة يهودية سرية هدامة، إرهابية غامضة، محكمة التنظيم تهدف إلى ضمان سيطرة اليهود على العالم وتدعو إلى الإلحاد والإباحية والفساد، وتتستر تحت شعارات خداعه (حرية ـ إخاء - مساواة ـ إنسانية)


With regards to your email, please note that the Land Rover advertisements you see in Al-Rai newspaper are part of a monthly advertising package for Ramadan special pages. Hence, we do not pick or choose the articles Al-Rai newspaper publish throughout Ramadan. Secondly, the article talks about the history and teachings of the Freemason society and is just an educational piece rather than to support or oppose any religious views.

We would like to assure you that we are as careful as you are when it comes to our Brand, and we will always appreciate your feedback and point of view.

Kind Regards,
Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company
Marketing & PR Department

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Descendants of apes and pigs

Columnist Jamal Ayoub on "Zionists" (JordanZad: Jul 20, 2014)

"They are prophet-killers, breakers of covenants and treaties, descendants of apes and pigs, who incurred God's wrath and were cursed"

فهم قتلة الأنبياء، وناقضو العهود والمواثيق، وأبناء القردة والخنازير،
 الذين غضب الله عليهم ولعنهم

"The life of the Jews from their origins to the present is based on plots, sedition, schemes, fomenting wars and conflicts and (spreading) corruption in the land"

حياة اليهود منذ نشأتهم الأولى وإلى الآن تقوم على المؤامرات والفتن والدسائس و
إشعال الحروب والمنازعات والفساد في الأرض

Oman disqualified after refusing to play against Israel

"In a repeat of a 2012 incident, Oman was disqualified from the 14th World University Futsal Championship, which is currently under way in Antequera, Spain, after the sultanate side didn’t turn up for a match against Israel on Friday" (Muscat Daily: Jul 20, 2014)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blaming the Jews

Tweet by Kuwaiti writer-director Fajer Al-Saeed (Jul 19, 2014)

ISIS burns 1800-year-old church in Mosul

"Islam is innocent of ISIS, those are the actions of the Jews"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Houthis threaten to expel Jews from their homes

Columnist Arafat Mudabish writes:

"Yemen's Jewish community is facing persecution from the rebel Houthi group in northern Yemen, local sources said that Jews in the Raydah district of Amran received warnings to leave the area" (Asharq Al-Awsat: Jul 19, 2014)

تعاني الطائفة اليهودية في اليمن من اضطهاد جماعة الحوثي المتمردة في شمال اليمن، وقالت مصادر محلية في محافظة عمران إن يهود مديرية ريدة في عمران تلقوا تحذيرات بمغادرة المنطقة

Blooper: Egypt's Middle East News Agency (MENA) mistakes the ADL for AIPAC....or is it the AJC ?

Egypt's Middle East News Agency ( MENA)

Leader of the main opposition Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu challenged Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to return the "Courage to Care Award" he received from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) (Jul 18, 2014)

Full story with the date of the award (June 10, 2005) appears in several Egyptian newspapers; Al-Ahram, Youm7

وسام الشجاعة الذي قدمه لك رئيس اللجنة اليهودية الأمريكية في 10 يونيو 2005

However, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet is referring to the "Profiles in Courage Award" granted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in 2004

"The leader of Turkey’s main opposition party has called on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to return the “medal of courage” given to him by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in 2004"

Rothschilds own half the world's wealth

Article in Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Wafd by columnist Said Sobki (Al-Wafd: Jul 18, 2014)

"The family owns half of the world's wealth which is equivalent to $500 trillion, it is the Jewish Rothschild family"

تمتلك وحدها حاليا نصف ثروة العالم، بما يعادل (500) تريليون دولار.
إنها عائلة (Rothschild) أو (روثتشايلد) اليهودية

"They live on an undisclosed island and own most of the world's banks, CNN, Hollywood and pharmaceutical companies"

يعيش افراد العائلة بجزيرة مجهولة
تمتلك معظم بنوك العالم وتمتلك محطة الـ بجانب امتلاكها لشركات الأدوية (CNN)، كما تمتلك هوليود

Sobki ends the article by recommending a book called "Stones on the Chessboard" by conspiracy theorist William Guy Carr

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jewish bankers

Jordanian newspaper Assabeel has an article on Islamic banking by Dr. Abdulbari Mashal, the General Manager of UK-based Raqaba for Islamic Financial Consultations (Assabeel: Jul 17, 2014)

"The commercial bank is an opportunistic idea imposed by the actions of Jewish bankers on the reality of the capitalist economy and the world"

البنك التجاري فكرة انتهازية فرضتها تصرفات الصيارفة اليهود على واقع الاقتصاد الرأسمالي والعالم

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Bayan, United Arab Emirates (Jul 15, 2014)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Freudianism a Jewish mind control mechanism

Article on Freud and Freudianism in Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Rai (Al Rai: Jul 16, 2014)

The article concludes that Freudianism wants a society without religion, morals and traditions, a place where vice and moral depravity are rampant, thus making it easier for the Jews to have control over the people in the service of Zionism

وبذلك تريد للمجتمع أن يكون بلا دين ولا أخلاق ولا تقاليد فتتسع هوة الرذيلة والفساد وتسهل لليهود السيطرة على الشعوب المتحللة خدمة لأهداف الصهيونية

Monday, July 14, 2014

The alleged Holocaust

Columnist Mohsen Al-Hajri in Qatar's Al-Sharq newspaper writes about the Egyptian president's stance on the recent Gaza situation (Al-Sharq: Jul 14, 2014)

"No wonder that (El-Sissi) will do to them (people in Gaza) as Hitler did to the Jews in (the alleged Holocaust), yet El-Siisi really did burn his countrymen at Rabaa al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda squares in the (not alleged) Holocaust"

  لا عجب أن يفعل بهم كما فعل هتلر باليهود في (المحرقة المزعومة) غير أن السيسي أحرق أبناء وطنه بالفعل في ميدان رابعة العدوية والنهضة في محرقة (غير مزعومة

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Eqtisadiah, Saudi Arabia, (Jul 14, 2014)

Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia (Jul 14, 2014)

Netanyahu: "For the Peace"

Al-Quds Al-Araby, United Kingdom (Jul 14, 2014)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

O God, destroy the Jews

Emirati singer Ahlam posted the following tweet (ONA News: Jul 13, 2014)

"O God decimate and destroy them and paralyze their hands" "Send Your punishment on them and allow Your wrath on them"

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cursed by God

Anti-Semitic article about "Operation Protective Edge" titled "Who were cursed by God" by author and professor in civilizations Dr.Zeinab Abdelaziz

Dr.Zeinab Abdelaziz
is a Board of Trustee member at the Bridges Foundation - whose mission is to narrow the gap of understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims through educating both sides about the culture of the other

The writer lists several attributes as reasons for being cursed by God (Arabic version) / (French version)

 "Treachery, breach of covenant with God, do not commit to treaties, distorting the scriptures, intentional murder, usury, haggling, extreme cowardice, having hearts of stone, hating non-Jews, practicing sorcery, spreading false rumors, insulting the Virgin Mary, insisting on fomenting wars, causing mischief"

"الخيانة ؛ نقضهم عهد الله ؛ عدم إلتزامهم بالعهود ؛ تحريف النصوص ؛ القتل المتعمّد لمن يهدون إلى سبيل الله ؛ الربا ؛ المساومة ؛ الجبن المفرط ؛ قلوبهم قاسية متحجرة ؛ يكرهون غير اليهودى ؛ يلجأون إلى السحر ؛ يروّجون الإشاعات الكاذبة ؛ يسبون السيدة مريم العذراء (ولم يترجعوا للآن عن هذه التهم) ؛ يصرون على إختلاق الحروب ؛ يعثون فى الأرض فسادا"

« La traitrise ; la rupture de l’Alliance ; le rejet des pactes ; la déformation des Textes ; le massacre intentionnel de ceux qui guident vers le droit chemin ; l’usure ; le marchandage ; la lâcheté extrême ; leurs cœurs endurcis ; leur haine du prochain ; leur recours à la sorcellerie ; ils répandent de fausses rumeurs ; blasphémèrent la Vierge Marie (sans jamais revenir sur ces accusations) ; insistent à fomenter des guerres ; sèment la corruption de par la terre »

The writer makes the following remark;
"God made them apes and pigs....Yes, apes and pigs, not in appearance, but they sure have the character of apes and pigs"
وجعل منهم القردة والخنازير نعم ، قردة وخنازير ، فحتى لو لم يتم ذلك شكلا ، فهم يقينا بأخلاق القردة والخنازير

Fit de parmi eux des singes et des porcs ».  Oui, des singes et des porcs, car, même s’ils ne le sont pas au physique, ils le sont sûrement de caractère

No conclusive evidence supporting the Holocaust

Article by columnist Abdullah Al-Nasser in pro-government Saudi daily newspaper (Al-Riyadh: Jul 11, 2014) / Print version (Page 36)

How come there were six million Jewish Holocaust victims if the number of Jews in Europe did not exceed three million based on studies and statistics issued by the European governments ? 

استند إلى دراسات وإحصائيات صدرت عن الحكومات الأوروبية من أن جميع اليهود في أوروبا لم يكن يتجاوز عددهم الثلاثة ملايين فكيف يكون عدد ضحايا المحرقة ستة ملايين يهودي؟

"There is no conclusive evidence regarding the accuracy of the Holocaust so far"
لم يظهر دليل حاسم على صحة المحرقة حتى الآن

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Various (Jul 10, 2014)

Jews control U.S. economy

Columnist Salah El-Saadany made the following discovery while visiting the 60th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City (Al Wafd: Jul 10, 2014)

I observed and monitored the (commercial) buying and selling activity in big stores and malls and noticed that the Jews control the U.S. economy!!

أنا أرصد وأراقب حركة التجارة والبيع والشراء في المحلات والمولات العملاقة الكبيرة والإجابة تنحصر في جملة واحدة جامعة مانعة وهي أن اليهود يسيطرون علي الاقتصاد الأمريكي!!

The Mossad funds some Egyptian channels

Yousry Hammad, deputy head of the Salafist Al-Watan Party, said some Egyptian television stations (CBC) are financed and managed by the Israeli Mossad for the numerous lies and their attempt to tarnish everything that is Islamic (Rassd News: Jul 10, 2014)

في بعض القنوات الفضائية المصرية أنها تمول وتدار من قبل جهاز الموساد الإسرائيلي. كذب بالجملة وتشويه كل ماهو إسلامي

قال يسرى حماد، نائب رئيس حزب الوطن إن بعض القنوات الفضائية المصرية تمول وتدار من قبل جهاز الموساد الإسرائيلي - See more at:
قال يسرى حماد، نائب رئيس حزب الوطن إن بعض القنوات الفضائية المصرية تمول وتدار من قبل جهاز الموساد الإسرائيلي - See more at:

The Holocaust is controversial

Op-ed by columnist Jehan Fawzy in Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper

Israel is still exploiting the Holocaust in which its details are the focus of controversy and discussion (Al-Ahram: Jul 9, 2014)

ولا زالت اسرائيل حتى اليوم تبتز العالم أجمع على تلك المحرقة التى هى محور جدل ونقاش بشأن تفاصيلها

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The stigma attached to a synagogue

The official representative of Egypt's Amazigh community, Amany el-Weshahy:

Many of the invited guests did not attend the first collective Iftar of Egypt's minorities at the Jewish synagogue out of fear (El Fagr: Jul 10, 2014)

أكدت الوشاحى، أنه يوجد العديد من المدعويين قد وصلتهم دعوة للإفطار ولكن لم يلبوا خوفاً من حضورهم بالمعبد اليهودى

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Robbing Egypt's wealth

Professor of Political Science Dr. Ammar Ali Hassan

The Zionists kept stealing from the Egyptian economy and drained its wealth since the era of Moses to the 1952 revolution (Youm7: Jul 8, 2014)

إن الصهاينة داوموا على سرقة الاقتصاد المصرى واستنزاف ثروات مصر منذ عهد رسول الله موسى عليه السلام إلى ما قبل 
ثورة 52

Monday, July 7, 2014

Reopening synagogues will provoke Muslims

Leader of the Free Awakening Salafist Party, Abdel-Fatah Hamdash, is disturbed by the Algerian government's plan to reopen synagogues (El-Shorouk: Jul 7, 2014)

Hamdash said such move "will provoke the feelings of 40 million Muslims"
راح يستفز مشاعر 40 مليون مسلم

"The majority of Algerians from across the country are against the decision to reopen synagogues"
أن غالبية الجزائريين في كل ربوع الوطن ضد قرار فتح معابد لليهود

Jewish roots of Freemasonry and Lions Clubs International

This is the second part of a two-part feature on "Freemasonry...created by the Elders of Zion to fulfill the purpose of the Talmud and their Protocols " published in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai (Al-Rai: Jul 6, 2014)

"The roots of Freemasonry is exclusively Jewish"
"جذور الماسونية يهودية صرفة"

Al-Rai - Print Edition, Page 38 (Jul 6, 2014)

Lions Clubs International and Freemasonry have the same roots (Al-Rai: Jul 7, 2014)
إن نوادي الليونز لا تخرج عن الدائرة الماسونية التي تتبع لها، فالجذور إذاً واحدة

Al-Rai - Print Edition, Page 38 (Jul 7, 2014)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Ramallah (Jul 6, 2014)

Flames-right: "The Holocaust"
Flames-left: "Jerusalem"

Asdaa Press, Nablus (Jul 5, 2014)

Headline: "Palestinian children"

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jews and Ancient Egypt

Conspiracy theory blogger Eslam Elbahrawy believes there is a hidden message in depicting the ape (Tahoota) as an ancient Egyptian statue in the TV series "Operation Messi" which is being shown in Ramadan

"Don't forget we say the Jews are descendants of apes and pigs and the Jews are always trying to prove that they are heirs of the Egyptian civilization" (Albawabh News: Jul 6, 2014)

"لا تنسوا أننا بنقول على اليهود إنهم أحفاد القردة والخنازير".وأكد البحراوي: "أن اليهود دائما بيحاولوا يثبتوا أنهم أصحاب الحضارة الموجود في مصر"

Friday, July 4, 2014

Freemasonry...created by the Elders of Zion to fulfill the purpose of the Talmud and their Protocols

Kuwaiti mainstream newspaper Al-Rai published an article on Freemasonry. The newspaper features ads by companies like; Dean & DeLuca, Emirates Airlines, Hyundai, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Volkswagen

Freemasonry is a secret destructive terrorist Jewish society which aims to ensure Jewish domination over the world, it calls for atheism, pornography and corruption under the guise of deceptive slogans like freedom, brotherhood, equality and humanity (Al-Rai: Jul 5, 2014)

Al-Rai - Print Edition, Page 18 (Jul 5, 2014)

Anti-Israeli caricature

Al-Bayan, United Arab Emirates (Jul 4, 2014)

Woman: "Gaza"

Nablus TV, Nablus (Jul 4, 2014)

Text: "The martyr Mohammed Abu Khdeir"

Al-Araby Al-Jadid, Qatar/United Kingdom (Jul 3, 2014)