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Sunday, June 1, 2014

All the Jews in Europe work for the Mossad (Update)

Major-General Fouad Hussein, former Egyptian military intelligence officer said "All the Jews in Europe belong to the Israeli intelligence agency, work for the agency and gather information about (Egyptians) and the Arabs present in that country to recruit them (for the Israeli intelligence)" (Al Mogaz: May 31, 2014)


My initial post was based on the Al Mogaz article...upon watching the clip, he mentions that Israeli embassies in foreign countries had a special office for the Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and it was a costly process to hunt someone down with the desired specifications and now the internet made it easier for them. Based on the additional information, I believe he meant to say:

All the Jews in Europe who worked for the Israeli intelligence office at the Israeli embassy rather than all the Jews in Europe work for the Israeli intelligence agency

TV channel: El Faraeen TV Egypt (May 31, 2014)
(From 3:26 to 4:20)

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