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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spotlight on Vetogate's columnist Marwa Mohammed

Three recent fabricated and anti-Semitic articles by columnist Marwa Mohammed published in the popular Egyptian online news portal Vetogate


Here she writes that Tzipi Livni who currently serves as the Minister of Justice of Israel admitted earlier she had sex for the sake of Israel and claimed to have had sexual encounters with two Palestinian figures, Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abed Rabbo to obtain information that will benefit her country (Vetogate: May 7, 2014)

Fact: None of this is true


"Video....Documentary in "Arabic" tells the story of the alleged Jewish Holocaust"
(Vetogate: Apr.28, 2014)

Marwa keeps using the word "alleged" when referring to the Holocaust in the article

Fact: Yad Vashem is an excellent source of information on the Holocaust

"With pictures....Israel creates "pastries" from "baby skulls" (Vetogate: Apr. 23, 2014)
Israeli channel 2 website published a report on the making of cakes in Israel, the cakes which come in creepy shapes like that of a brain, pigs' heads, babies' heads and bird skulls

The channel did an interview with  famous baker in Israel know as Annabel Lecter

Fact: British pastry artist Annabel de Vetten - aka (Annabel Lecter) is based out of Birmingham, United Kingdom
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